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I have been taking images for a living since 2003 after a short career in The City working for a financial information provider. I have always loved being behind the camera from a young age and when the opportunity came up to make photography a full time occupation I jumped on it.

I cut my teeth shooting real estate for both developers and estate agents in London. This was hugely varied and interesting as one minute I could be shooting a house worth many millions and the next something at the complete other end of the scale. It taught me how to work in sometimes tricky conditions and how to get the best of of every location.

I went freelance after a few years and began working with more varied clients who ranged from interior designers to lighting and furniture makers to architects. I then moved to Mallorca to be with my now wife and got involved in property developing alongside taking photographs. I guess all the years spent in amazing spaces rubbed off!

After a stint in the Balearics we came back to the UK to continue renovating houses and taking images to this day. From 2005 I also shot weddings for over 10 years but have now retired from that world. I still do get people asking me about wedding photography so, if interested, you can see a selection of images here.

Currently I spend my time between London and Dorset where I live with my wife Laura and our two dogs. We will soon be joined by our first child in May this year which is hugely exciting. Laura and I work together rescuing  houses and she has a rather successful blog where a number of my images appear regularly if you are keen to see more of my work.